Greening Campaign Conference

Yesterday, along with other members of the Billericay Greening Campaign, I attended the Greening Campaign Conference at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in Westminster. If there are worries that the environment doesn’t seem to be firmly enough on the Government’s agenda at the moment, it was clear that it was certainly uppermost in the attendees’ thoughts. On the conference programme were presentations on what communities are doing around the UK to improve insulation in social housing stock, what challenges farmers are already facing due to the effects of climate change and what the RSPB anticipates will happen to bird migration.

It was a wakeup call to hear about what daily life could be like in the coming years, when temperatures are expected to rise significantly, the expected effects on the weather, buildings and transport and how government departments, private companies and the not-for-profit sector are trying to plan for it. There was a particularly fascinating speech from a deputy director of emergency planning at the Cabinet Office focusing on ‘community resilience’ and how people need to be prepared to help each other out and know what to do in a flood/severe weather episode etc.. Looks like we’ve got a lot of work on our hands in the coming years!

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