Energy Saving Week is here!

Our garden last winter...Brr! Winter is nearly here already. Time to save energy.

Energy Saving Week, an annual event run by the Energy Saving Trust, is here again. The idea is to get as many of us saving energy around our homes as possible, which can only make sense in the current economic downturn. How will you be marking it? In my capacity as the EST’s Green Voice of the UK, I’ve been blogging for the Trust this week, which is very exciting and a real honour.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, the EST’s new blog, which recently launched, is great and packed with information about how to save energy and keep more money in your pocket. The Trust is also running a competition this week, giving away £20,000 worth of energy saving products, including insulation and boilers. To find out more about how you could win, go to

By the way – I’m carrying out my very own green challenge this month on my Frugal Life blog at Click here to read all about it!

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